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Game-Changing Masternodes

Masternodes will never look the same again.
SafeCapital locks masternode collateral for a year, keeping value in the system, which, in turn, creates better financial opportunities for ecosystem participants.

Decentralized Finance Unleashed

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the physical representation of value is quickly disappearing.
SafeCapital is building the infrastructure necessary to unlock trillions of dollars in global asset liquidity and making it available for everyone.

Unmatched Staking Rewards

Staking keeps networks secure without taxing precious resources like electricity.
SafeCapitalʼs PoS consensus algorithm not only processes transactions faster, but it also rewards stakers with an industry high 10% ROE.

We built a ecosystem for
The crypto trading Industry

The SafeCapital Ecosystem will initially contain the following products:

- SafeCapital Exchange

- SafeCapital Runway IEO Platform

- SafeCapital Crowdfundr

- SafeCapital Decentralized Charity

- SafeCapital Shift Exchange

- SafeCapital Autopilot Fund

- SafeCapital Purveyor Trade Hub

What is Crypto?

SafeCapital Ecosystem: DeFi Without Limits

The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way since the first BTC was mined in 2009, but it hasnʼt gone far enough. Trading platforms, digital asset exchanges, IEO crowdfunding, and investment products exist, but in silos that canʼt communicate with one another.

SafeCapital is introducing a new paradigm of connectedness by rolling together several powerful decentralized investment modules into one ecosystem. Instead of spreading yourself thin across various exchanges, sites, and services (which is also a security risk), SafeCapital is a DeFi platform you can finally call home.

SafeCapital Exchange

Built to the highest standards using military-grade security and capable of 10,000+ tps, SafeCapital Exchange moves digital assets at the speed of global needs while keeping 96% of funds in air-gapped cold storage.

Runway IEO Platform

SafeCapital Runway is a decentralized IEO platform for the future of crowdfunding. Investor safety is paramount – only properly vetted and proven projects make it to the public offering stage and onto SafeCapital Exchange.

Crowdfundr Incubator

Cryptocurrency assets are the future of value, but the world is made up of more than just crypto. Crowdfundr lets everyday businesses find the funding they need.

Shift Instant Exchange

Trade crypto instantly, automatically, and without specialized knowledge using Shift, a digital asset exchange for everyone. A truly one-click experience – after selecting your outgoing and incoming crypto assets, simply click Shift, and instantly complete your trade.

Purveyor Trade Hub

As the first blockchain-based platform for buying and selling traditional stocks and commodities, Purveyor makes investing in precious metals like gold and silver a breeze. Precious metal commodities are stocked and insured by the Purveyor team, and buying 50+ stocks using BTC, ETH, or SCAP takes investing to the next level.

Autopilot Fund

Index and mutual funds are usually inaccessible to the retail investment crowd, but Autopilot Fund changes that once and for all. Seamlessly create and manage auto-rebalancing baskets of tokens. Maintain a decentralized and distributed portfolio that protects your wealth from volatility.

Decentralized Charity

Cryptocurrency investing is usually thought of as a place to make financial gains, but what if we use blockchain to make the world a better place, too? SafeCapitalʼs Decentralized Charity platform does just that by providing a place for transparent, blockchain-based donations to get into the right hands.

SafeCapital Blockchain + Token

How SafeCapital Coin Works?

Coin of the SafeCapital chain is SCAP!
SafeCapital will change the world of masternodes being the first cryptocurrency to block the collateral for a period of time!
In this case one year!


SCAP - SafeCapital Ecosystem Coin

SafeCapital has the latest technology in the field of masternodes! SafeCapital is the most innovative masternode project on the market!

Inflation will be very small! SCAP will launch in the interest of fair distribution! SCAP can also be perceived as a long-term investment! SCAP will feed the entire SafeCapital Ecosystem and will have multiple uses!

Very Important: SINS project will continue to be developed! SINS project will not be abandoned! We tried in the first phase to get in touch with the big insurance companies but they did not want to make the step towards blockchain technology yet! Now we are trying to find API insurance providers to make contracts with! We are still working hard on this! We never stopped working on this project for a second!



MAX. SUPPLY: 10 100 000 SCAP
PORT P2P: 47002
PORT RPC: 47003

Every Quarter from 2020 a SCAP burn will be done!
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Decentralized Masternode Network

SCAP Block Reward

Block nr Reward/block Masternode Staking
1 - 10800 0.2 90% 10%
10801-21600 0.3 90% 10%
21601-32400 0.4 90% 10%
32401-43200 0.5 90% 10%
43201-54000 0.6 90% 10%
54001-64800 0.7 90% 10%
64801-75600 0.8 90% 10%
75601-86400 0.9 90% 10%
86401-97200 1 90% 10%
97201-108000 1.1 90% 10%
108001-118800 1.2 90% 10%
118801-129600 1.3 90% 10%
129601-140400 1.4 90% 10%
140401-151200 1.5 90% 10%
151201-162000 1.6 90% 10%
162001-172800 1.7 90% 10%
172801-183600 1.8 90% 10%
183601-194400 1.9 90% 10%
194401-205200 2 90% 10%
205201-216000 2.1 90% 10%
216001-226800 2.2 90% 10%
226801-237600 2.3 90% 10%
237601-248400 2.4 90% 10%
248401-259200 2.5 90% 10%
259201-270000 2.6 90% 10%
270001-280800 2.7 90% 10%
280801-291600 2.8 90% 10%
291601-302400 2.9 90% 10%
302401-313200 3 90% 10%
313201-324000 3.1 90% 10%
324001-334800 3.2 90% 10%
334801-345600 3.3 90% 10%
345601-356400 3.4 90% 10%
356401-367200 3.5 90% 10%
367201-378000 3.6 90% 10%
378001-388800 3.7 90% 10%
388801-399600 3.8 90% 10%
399601-410400 3.9 90% 10%
410401-421200 4 90% 10%
421201-432000 4.1 90% 10%
432001-442800 4.2 90% 10%
442801-453600 4.3 90% 10%
453601-464400 4.4 90% 10%
464401-475200 4.5 90% 10%
475201-486000 4.6 90% 10%
486001-496800 4.7 90% 10%
496801-507600 4.8 90% 10%
507601-518400 4.9 90% 10%
518401-561600 5 90% 10%
561601-604800 5.1 90% 10%
604801-648000 5.2 90% 10%
648001-691200 5.3 90% 10%
691201-734400 5.4 90% 10%
734401-777600 5.5 90% 10%
777601-820800 5.6 90% 10%
820801-864000 5.7 90% 10%
864001-907200 5.8 90% 10%
907201-950400 5.9 90% 10%
950401-993600 6 90% 10%
993601-1036800 6.1 90% 10%
1036801-1051200 6.2 90% 10%
  • SafeCapital is the most innovative masternode project on the market!
  • Coin of the SafeCapital chain is SCAP!
  • Callaterall for SCAP masternode will be locked for one year
  • We have successfully run SafeCapital blockchain for tests!
  • SafeCapital Coin - SCAP will be for sale directly on exchange!
  • There will be no ICO or IEO!
  • SafeCapital has the latest technology in the field of masternodes!
  • SCAP will feed the entire SafeCapital Ecosystem and will have multiple uses!
SCAP Wallets

SafeCapital Wallet

The SafeCapital wallet is a simple, intuitive, and
ironclad-securitized way to store, send, and receive SCAP.

Due to the technical solution which SafeCapital relies, the amount of 1000.00019 SCAP must be sent ONLY to Masternode address! Please do NOT send this amount to exchanges or to any other address, as it will be locked for one year!!!

Masternode SETUP Guide
Coin stats

Coin Distribution


- 27% Development

- 21% Marketing

- 20% SWAP

- 10% Burning Program

- 10% Reserve Fund

- 5% Team

- 4% Operational Costs

- 3% Advisors


SCAP Reward Levels

There will also be a bonus for those who own more than or equal to 3 Masternodes as follows:

2% Bonus from total amount
3% Bonus from total amount
7% Bonus from total amount
10% Bonus from total amount

* the bonus will be paid only if the MN's are made on a single SafeCapital Address
* Shared Platforms are not allowed to participate in this Bonus
* Bonus is paid only ONCE per address (if you got the bonus for 3MN's and you make 2 more MN's you will not be paid for 5MN or more)



Q2 2019
Final project planning phase
Development team assembled
Business development team assembled
Q3 2019
Blockchain closed testnet
Blockchain beta launch
White paper draft
Dev team expansion + beta product testing
Q4 2019
SCAP token emission + block reward allocations
SafeCapital mainnet launch
Website + wallet release
Whitepaper release
SCAP exchange listings + CMC listing
Masternode monitor listing + marketing campaign
Live Now
Q1 2020
Team expansion
Website updates + block explorer
Global marketing campaign
Additional major exchange listings
SCAP Coin Burn Program Launch
Q2 2020
Mainnet v2 upgrade
SCAP-funded dApp incubator launch
SafeCapital DeFi dApps
Q3 2020
Masternode monitoring tool for iOS + Android release
SafeCapital Exchange testnet
Runway IEO platform testnet
Ledger support for SCAP token
Q4 2020
Autopilot Fund testnet
Shift Exchange testnet
Multi-currency platform becomes native app for iOS + Android
Exchange code audit
SafeCapital Exchange penetration test
Q1 2021
SafeCapital DeFi Ecosystem launch
SafeCapital Exchange public launch
Runway IEO platform public launch
Crowdfundr dApp testnet
Decentralized Charity dApp testnet
Q2 2021
Shift Exchange public launch
dApp code audits
Major exchange listings
SCAP token added to Delta + Blockfolio
Q3 2021
Crowdfundr dApp public launch
Decentralized Charity dApp public launch
Q4 2021
+ Beyond Autopilot Fund platform release
Purveyor Trade hub testnet
SafeCapital Exchange amongst top five global exchanges
SafeCapital Exchange BTC futures contracts
SafeCapital Exchange margin trading
Purveyor Trade hub platform release
Ecosystem expanded
Improve SafeCapital Ecosystem


Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the
compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression.

SafeCapital is a borderless decentralized financial ecosystem that enables anyone, anywhere to invest in digital assets.
SafeCapital is built with the end-user in mind. The SC ecosystem seamlessly weaves a host of game-changing financial products for the benefit of investors and traders worldwide.
SafeCapital uses military-grade encryption techniques along with a proof of stake blockchain and masternodes. The combination of the three means SafeCapital transactions are incredibly secure.
SafeCapital focuses on investments of three types: Cryptocurrencies, crypto and traditional startups, and traditional stocks/commodities such as gold and silver.
SCAP is the native token of the SafeCapital ecosystem.
SCAP, the native utility token of the SafeCapital network, is built into the platform at the protocol level. It is used in every operation across the SafeCapital ecosystem while also having a low maximum supply to encourage scarcity, value, and its viability as a long-term investment.
SCAP will be sold directly on the Exchange. There will notbe an ICO, IEO, or other form of sale.
SafeCapital uses a proof of stake consensus algorithm. PoS validates transactions by running them past ‘stakersʼ – network participants who stake an amount of SCAP as a security deposit on their honesty.
PoS is more decentralized than PoW, making it more secure. Additionally, the hardware and electricity demands for PoS compared to PoW are much lower. Finally, stakers receive 10% ROE on the number of tokens staked for their labor.
Put simply, masternodes maintain the blockchain network they are a part of. Operating a masternode requires collateral to guarantee the operatorʼs honesty.
PoS validates network transactions, but masternodes enable all other functions and properties of the network. For that reason, masternode operation is essential to the SafeCapital blockchain network. To reward operators for their work, SafeCapital has the highest masternode rewards structure in the industry.
SafeCapital is the first blockchain network that requires collateral to be LOCKED for the first year. Locking masternode collateral keeps value in the system, which gives SCAP a stable value.
Yes – 90% of the block reward is allocated for masternode operators. Additionally, because SafeCapital is the first network to lock masternode collateral for the first year, SCAP values will stabilize.
Operating a masternode is simple and can be done by anyone. Follow the step by step instructions in our GitHub. Additionally, a member of the SafeCapital team can guide you through the process if you reach out over Discord.
SafeCapital aims to organically grow into one of the largest DeFi networks of its kind. Binance and Coinbase mainly exchange digital assets. SafeCapital, on the other hand, is a rich ecosystem in which myriad investment types can be made, along with crowdfunding opportunities, donations, and portfolio management.
Currently, there is no other ecosystem quite like SafeCapital, giving us a first to market edge.
By focusing on the strength and quality of the products being offered, SafeCapital is forming the basis for a robust DeFi ecosystem with a strong case for global adoption. As such, our marketing team is developing a strategy for markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.
There are over two billion unbanked adults worldwide. The SafeCapital ecosystem is ideally suited to giving the unbanked financial inclusion in a decentralized manner. Markets with heavy concentrations of unbanked adults will be of particular focus to the SC team and marketing efforts.
Yes, the SafeCapital roadmap includes milestones for SCAP listings on major exchanges. Please follow us on Twitter, Medium, Telegram, or Discord for updates on exchange listings.
Yes, swapping SINS to SCAP is entirely possible. Weʼve created this opportunity to show our thanks to the community. To find the exchange rate and other requirements, please read our whitepaper.
Anyone can use SafeCapital. There are no geographic restrictions, and you donʼt have to be an accredited investor to participate.
DeFi is shorthand for decentralized finance. It refers to a growing movement away from centralized banking solutions, and toward platforms like SafeCapital that provide trustless financial services.

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